The biggest University of Tartu alumni get-together

18 May 2019 

We are inviting you to the biggest University of Tartu alumni get-together! 
In 2019, the 386-year-old University of Tartu celebrates the centenary of the Estonian-language university. To mark this event, we will organise the biggest ever alumni convention, which focuses on people of the University of Tartu: you and your fellow graduates. 
As a part of the programme, we are also trying to set the Guinness World Record as the world's largest alumni event. The presence of every alumnus of the University of Tartu counts!

Dear alumnus of the University of Tartu!


Spring in Tartu – these words carry the spirit and vitality of our students. It is something you won’t forget even when decades have passed since your student years. This is why I invite you to Tartu this spring, on 18 May. Let’s show at the alumni meeting of the 100-year-old Estonian national university how strong and loyal the graduates of the University of Tartu are. Let’s make it the biggest alumni get-together in the world!

On the alumni day you will be able to revisit your unforgettable student days at lectures, tours of the academic buildings, exhibitions, cinema and, of course, doing sports and having fun at the party.


Our graduates are our treasure – the ambassadors of the university all over the world. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Estonian national university, we organise a brainstorming session for our alumni and the people of Tartu. Come and share your experience and have a say in the future of the Estonian society.


I also invite you to join the alumni network of the University of Tartu. This is where you will find your coursemates and the best friends of your student years.


Let's get together!

Toomas Asser

Rector of the University of Tartu


Follow the map of Estonia: we will add new interesting facts here at the end of each month.

Join the alumni network UTalumni.net!

Discount for those who have joined our alumni network utalumni.net.

Join UT alumni network already today -> www.UTalumni.net


Early bird ticket for utalumni.net members costs 25 €.

Regular early bird ticket costs 30 €.


In the course of the “Let’s get together!” campaign, special discounts for friends and groups are available for the alumni network members.


"Lähme koos!"



Tickets are available at Piletilevi.ee:


Would you like to support the largest ever alumni event?*

The discount ticket for alumni is available for UTalumni members only. Tickets are exchanged for a wristband at the venue, based on the alumni list.


Regular tickets are exchanged at the venue for a regular wristband.

*All supporter’s names will be made public (if they wish so) and they will receive a thank-you gift.



We are updating the programme constantly.

If you want to be one of the first to get the updates,

join our alumni network utalumni.net


Provisional programme:



Opening ceremony in front of the main building





Activities in Tartu: visits to university buildings, exhibitions, academic tests, city orienteering, chess competition, sports activities and more.


Performances and surprises in Town Hall Square and the Guinness Record *




Huge party in the University of Tartu Sports Hall with a varied entertainment programme


Programm täieneb pidevalt. Uued sündmused avaldatakse esimesena vilistlasportaalis UTalumni.ee, kus saad ka ise sõna sekka öelda.

Pilet tagab pääsu kõikidele ametlikele vilistlaspäeva üritustele.

* Guinnessi rekordi püstitamises saavad osaleda ainult Tartu Ülikooli vilistlased käepaela alusel.

Jälgi meid:



Main sponsor of the University of Tartu alumni get-together:




The best way is to use the UT alumni network UTalumni.ee, where you can search for your former coursemates by year of graduation, specialisation or name, and contact them right away. The alumni network can be found on the UT website.


For further information and with questions, ideas or suggestions please contact:



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